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Cryo is 2-3 Minutes in a super cooled sauna can help to : 

Reduce Pain/Inflammation

Increase Energy

Improve Sleep

Recover Faster


Compression Therapy is a comfortable, relaxing way to: 

Increase circulation

Relieve muscle soreness

Help you perform at your peak


Light therapy increases energy production in cells which can: 

Ease arthritis and joint pain

Improve skin conditions

Kill acne causing bacteria


Infrared sauna provides: 



Pain Relief


What Our Customers Say

Ive been coming consistently for just under a year now. The benifets of regular cryotherapy have been tremendous for my recovery. As a professional MMA fighter, I regularly have to attend 2-3 training sessions a day, every day. Before cryo I would find myself missing practice because of fatigue and soreness but now I feel like my body resets after my sessions. They also have Normatech for when I need extra blood circulated to a specific area and a sauna to cut weight.

Nathan T.

My husband and I went yesterday for the first time, the therapy was great and Shannon, the owner, was so kind! We are regular gym goers an look forward to incorporating this into our recovery! Would definitely recommend this location to anyone looking into cryo!


This place is amazing, not only the building itself but the knowledgeable & friendly staff! They genuinely want you help you and help understand all of the benefits of cryo. I Definitely became a regular freeza

Jake R.

Great first experience!! Can’t wait to plan a Chill Party with friends and come back. Very helpful and friendly staff!


I can’t believe how young I feel, I sleep better, and I’m fully energized! Very cold but well worth it!

Travis N.

Love this place. Huge difference from before to after!

Josh F.